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2 Meal Solution - The IF Life with 2 Meal MikeClick Image To Visit SiteI never really wanted to eat breakfast, but I usually did it anyways. This all changed once I decided to just eat “how I felt” (and enjoyed).

I’ve heard all the reasons for eating a big breakfast, I’ve done my own research, and in the end I think it is not that “important” as it is made out to be. Simply put…here’s why:

Now you may be thinking: “Wait a minute…when you eat breakfast you ‘jump start‘ that metabolism!”

Well that “jump start” is really just the increased energy it takes to digest that food (also known as the thermic effect of food..or TEF for short). So in a sense, breakfast does increase immediate energy expenditure…

But here’s where it gets fun. Assuming you eat the same amount of calories over the entire day (24 hours), the TEF overall is still the same. So even if you don’t eat breakfast, you will still have that increased energy expenditure later on with meals.

Mainstream has done a good job of scaring people into eating all the time in fear of some instantaneous “starvation mode” and catastrophic metabolic slowdown.

I’ve done the research and looked at the studies on meal frequency, and that instant “crashing” metabolic slowdown has never been proven.

Skipping a meal or eating less number of them does not “crash” it. That also means that eating more meals (daily calorie load the same) does not “speed up” your metabolism either (like every fad diets tells you to do).

There is no solid evidence that six small meals a day instead of three will speed metabolism ~ New York Time Online 2010

In fact, it seems that your body is more optimally hormonally primed for fat burning in the morning…something a big breakfast to “fuel up” will only shut down.

Fat cells are holding onto stored fat and waiting for instructions to “release” them into the blood stream. Those instructions come through various “hormones”.

Once released into the bloodstream, now called free fatty acids (or FFAs), those FFAs can be used as a fuel source (or stored again).

The “big” hormone to come into play is insulin. An essential hormone in your overall health, but also one when elevated signals more “storing” and less “releasing” to the fat cells.

Other key hormones that… Read more…

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