New Park City, UT Non-Profit Offers Rescue, Rehabilitation and Advocacy for Farm Animals

PARK CITY, UTAH (PRWEB) February 25, 2015

Sage Mountain Animal Rescue, a new 501(c3) non-profit dedicated to the advocacy of farm animals, is pleased to announce its rescue and rehabilitation facility in beautiful Brown’s Canyon, just on the outskirts of the world-class resort town, Park City, Utah. Founded by Lauren Lockey and Dave Swartz, Sage Mountain Animal Rescue’s goal is to create a better life for farm animals through rescue, education and advocacy while encouraging a more sustainable planet.

Located on 162 acres, the rescue facility is scheduled to be in operation in the summer of 2015. The plan calls for gradually providing shelter for all types of abused and neglected farm animals as the facility develops. The first shelter available will be to accommodate pigs.

“Our mission is to inspire compassion for ourselves as human beings, farm animals and our planet as a whole,” says Co-Founder Lauren Lockey. “We want to educate people that farm animals are sentient beings and hope to inspire the same level of respect for them that we have for our family pets.”

Through its education and advocacy programs, Sage Mountain Animal Rescue will promote awareness of the significant impact that the animal agricultural industry has on the environment, local wildlife, our heath, and bring to light the harsh living conditions that many livestock endure.

“There is a growing global movement to reduce meat consumption, and we want to do our part to encourage more people to embrace plant-based eating by helping to promote various programs,” Lockey, who is vegan, says. “Global statistics indicate that many people are gravitating toward plant-based eating. One in eight British adults are vegan or vegetarian, Canada’s meat consumption has dropped by nearly 10 percent, and 36 percent of Americans reportedly purchase meat alternatives some of the time. This is an exciting revolution, and we can certainly continue to make an impact on the younger and older generations.”

Sage Mountain Animal Rescue works in conjunction with local and state humane societies, other farm animal rescue groups, and local/regional law enforcement agencies. The animals at the facility have been removed from situations of abuse, neglect or abandonment by law enforcement officials, and cruelty charges must have been filed in all cases. Owner surrenders are not accepted by the non-profit. All animals sheltered by Sage Mountain Animal Rescue that are adoptable will be made available only as a family pet. They will be spayed or neutered and cannot be placed back into food production or exploited in any way.

Sage Mountain Animal Rescue will work in the Summit County, Utah community to raise awareness of the Great American Meatout on March 20, challenging locals and visitors to eat a plant-based diet for one day.

About Sage Mountain Animal Rescue

Founded in 2013 and located 10 miles from Park City, Utah in scenic Brown’s Canyon, Sage Mountain Animal Rescue provides rescue facilities, care and advocacy for abandoned, unwanted or abused farm animals. The 501(c3) non-profit also offers educational programming about the connection to and responsibility ...Read More

Diet Doc Announces Emotional Eating Diet Plans that now Include Metabolism Boost, the Newest Addition to the Companys Collection of Diet Products

Miami, FL (PRWEB) February 25, 2015

Examining brain function in relation to dieting and weight loss is a fascinating science because mood and emotions play a tremendous role in one’s eating behavior. Aside from nourishing the body, food is used in a variety of ways – many people turn to food when they experience anger, frustration, anxiety, or depression, typically choosing foods that offer no real nutritional value and only empty, sugar laden calories during times of stress or anxiety. Low cognitive restraint, or an inability to restrict food intake, is also extremely common in those who struggle with anxiety. While emotional eating may satisfy the immediate emotional need, it will inevitably result in becoming overweight.

Decades of scientific research has enabled Diet Doc to take a closer look at various eating disorders, including emotional eating. They have learned that long term weight loss success for “emotional eaters” often requires more than changing their eating behaviors – it requires a deeper understanding of the external and emotional triggers, as well as specific imbalances of emotional neurotransmitters.

For this reason, Diet Doc developed their emotional eating diet plans that place direct focus on the underlying reasons why many of their patients eat for emotional satisfaction. During a one-on-one online consultation, the doctors review the patient’s entire system to uncover issues that may have been overlooked in the past. They artfully create diet plans for emotional eaters that include medical supervision, constant expert support and prescription diet products that help emotional eaters resist the urge to reach for comfort foods during stressful times. This state-of-the-art strategy helps clients focus fully on losing excess fat without irritating and uncontrollable between meal hunger or cravings for high carbohydrate foods when the find themselves feeling anxious.

Diet Doc’s new Metabolism Boost can be combined with prescription hormone diet treatments, their powerful appetite suppressants and fat burners to target and burn stored fat from the hard to reach areas, while controlling compulsive emotional eating behaviors. Metabolism Boost contains bupropion, which was originally marketed as an atypical antidepressant and has been used in the treatment of smoking cessation. Now, being used as a weight loss medication, Metabolism Boost has proven to help people throughout the country overcome their very real challenges associated with weight loss.

Diet Doc innovatively creates diet plans for patients of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes and urges those who want to end their emotional eating disorder or their addiction to food to call today.

About the Company:

Diet Doc Weight Loss is the nation’s leader in medical, weight loss offering a full line of prescription medication, doctor, nurse and nutritional coaching support. For over a decade, Diet Doc has produced a sophisticated, doctor designed weight loss program that addresses each individual specific health need to promote fast, safe and long term weight loss.

Diet Doc Contact Information:

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Lisa Lynn Launches New Lynfit Pets Website with Revolutionary New Product Pure Omega 3 for Dogs Available Now

(PRWEB) February 27, 2015

Physical fitness and health are very important topics in society today. Almost everyone is looking to lose weight; always checking out a new diet that swears it will help you drop those pounds. However, so many of these strategies do not actually provide real results. No one knows this better than Lisa Lynn, a nutrition and fitness expert who founded the company LynFit in order to share with the world her strategies for fitness that have proven to be successful in the real world.

When she was younger Lisa had her own personal struggles with weight, but she was eventually motivated to lose 40 pounds, and has kept it off ever since. Lisa truly knows what works in order to maintain weight loss, and she wants to help everyone maintain a healthier lifestyle. She understands how specific combinations of nutrition and exercise can help others achieve the look they want—from simply slimming down, to gaining lean, ripped muscle – and wants to give them the tools to make this weight loss possible. In her book The Metabolism Solution, being re-launched through Next Century Publishing in 2015, Lisa provides readers with step-by-step guide to unlocking their body’s internal intelligence to shed weight quickly and safely.

Lynfit is not only aimed at helping people lose weight, but on creating fitness for the whole family – including the family pet! Now there is a LynFit Pets website that advises pet owners in the best way to keep their beloved pets healthy, by using Pure Omega-3s; As seen at They are the #1 suggested supplement by veterinarians, guaranteed because of its fatty acids to decrease inflammation in humans and animals alike. This allows pets to naturally heal faster and with less pain, helping ensure that they will be healthy, happy animals. The fatty acids in Omega-3 also help in the development of puppies, easing their anxiety and irritability as well, which makes training them far easier and more enjoyable. Not only will your pets be healthier, they will also look their best, as Omega-3 also promotes a shiny, healthy coat and reduces shedding. With the new website, LynFit is dedicated to keeping your pets as happy and healthy as all of their other, not four legged, clients.

A portion of all sales of LynFit Pure Omega-3 for Dogs will go to support New York Bully Crew, a not-for-profit rescue organization specializing in rescuing Pitbulls, however no animal in dire need of rescue is turned away. New York Bully Crew strives to bring positive attention to the most loyal breed one could encounter, and give second chances to those who have been discarded by humans simply because of what they are…a Pitbull. Finding loving and responsible homes for each and every rescue is our main objective. We at New York Bully Crew firmly believe that there are NO bad dogs, just bad owners, and educating ...Read More

Ground-Based Nutrition’s Superfood Protein Is Now Available At BodyBuilding.Com

San Diego, California (PRWEB) February 28, 2015

Ground-Based Nutrition’s Superfood Protein is a convenient all-in-one nutritional shake which contains a blend of plant-based proteins, greens, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes. It is vegan, gluten free, and contains no soy, dairy or whey.

“We are excited and proud to be partnered with the largest online retailer of sports nutrition supplements on the planet,” said Charles C. Weller, CEO and Founder of Ground-Based Nutrition. “ helps more than 10 million people every month achieve their health and fitness goals, and we are excited to now offer the community the absolute best plant-based protein product available today.”

BodyBuilding.Com, based in Bosie, ID, is the Internet’s most-visited fitness website and largest online retailer of nutritional supplements. In addition to its online store, the website is a leading provider of editorial content including diet, fitness, and exercise advice. online forums are also a leading destination for fitness enthusiasts and a passionate community dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding.

About Ground-Based Nutrition LLC

Ground-Based Nutrition is a privately-held company with a focus on natural plant-based nutritional food and supplement products. Ground-Based Nutrition uses no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, dyes, or other synthetic chemicals. Its Superfood Protein is wholesome goodness derived from the highest quality natural whole food ingredients. Always 100% natural, “Nature’s Best … Nothing Less!” For more information, please visit

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