21 Day Fast Mass Building – Gain 12 Pounds of Pure Muscle in 21 Days


Vince DelMonte and Lee Hayward teach you how to gain up to 12 pounds of pure muscle in just 21-days using the Anabolic Amplifier Effect.

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21 Day Fast Mass Building – Gain 12 Pounds of Pure Muscle in 21 DaysClick Image To Visit SiteAttention Men & Women: If you’ve been struggling to add quality muscle while preventing the unwanted blubber…

An eye-opening article revealing the latest breakthrough in muscle building nutrition and training! By Vince Del Monte and Lee Hayward

This is Vince Del Monte and Lee Hayward and we’re so incredibly PUMPED you found this website because youre about to learn how drug-free individuals, JUST LIKE YOU, are experiencing the fastest and cleanest muscle gains in their life every 21-days like clock work – using the exact same system we expose on this page.

Don’t sit back and relax. Get on the edge of your seat because we’re about to reveal the ONE strategy natural bodybuilders have secretly known about for decades – the same strategy that has consistently helped them get leaner & more muscular, Year In & Year Out, while everyone else is struggling to gain the painfully slow, standard 2-3 pounds of muscle a month.

But if you’re interested in tapping into the source of the most anabolic muscle-building hormones within your own body – such as insulin, growth hormone, IGF-1 and testosterone to produce substantial and rapid increases in muscle mass -every 21-days – you’ve come to the right spot.

Imagine for a moment, that it’s 21-days from today and you’ve already added 2 inches to your chest, an inch to your arms, broader shoulders and up to 12-pounds of rock-solid muscle to your frame!

The most common issue by those seeking serious muscle gains is the unwanted addition of bodyfat along with the muscle. Up until now you have believed that to get big you need to “eat big”, which is a philosophy weight lifters have lived by for years… and rarely questioned.

As you might personally know, big eating, which promotes indulging in plenty of food, can be an equally effective fat-gaining strategy.

Besides the obvious health reasons of gaining excess fat, here are six more reasons why conventional bulking is a bad approach to trying to achieve your physique goals:

And we’re talking about NATURAL fitness here. Regular people – just like you – who blow beyond their genetic potential year in and year out…

Once you understand this, the only question you need to answer is: “How big do you want to get?!”

The biggest draw back to conventional bulking diets is that guys will go on a prolonged high calorie-eating plan for 12 weeks at… Read more…

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