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Why is it that you could practically eat anything you wanted and stay thin in those days when now you count every calorie and yet you STILL struggle with your weight? Studies show that, in fact, our bodies LOSE muscle, burn FEWER calories, and store MORE FAT as we age. It’s a harsh fact of life.

that we lose 1/2 to 1 percent of our lean muscle mass per year and that muscle strength declines by 12 to 15 percent per decade?

That means you’re losing enough muscle mass to burn 4 pounds of body fat a year and 40 pounds of body fat a decade! It’s what I like to call the FAT SNOWBALL EFFECT. If you need proof, just pull out your high school yearbook and compare your friends then versus now.

Before you stress eat a gallon of ice cream, STOP, put down the Ben and Jerry’s, and read carefully. Because you can reverse this process regardless of age or body type. In fact, it’s completely possible to regain the youthful metabolism that you had in high school.

I’ve been studying and applying CUTTING EDGE FAT LOSS SCIENCE for over a decade. I’ve earned degrees from the best universities in the world to become an expert at the human body. My goal? To teach people how to reprogram their metabolism and literally AGE BACKWARDS. Most people don’t understand that it’s entirely possible to REGAIN the FIT, HEALTHY BODIES OF THEIR YOUTH.

Over the last 8 years, my wife Karen and I have run our own elite fitness center, built a network of industry-leading fitness pros, and broadened our outreach to over 12 million people. We’ve tested this system on 12,438 clients and the results are UNDISPUTABLE. If you implement the secrets of metabolism control you can fundamentally change your body in 30 DAYS.

I’ve successfully taught my Double Edged Fat Loss System to thousands of men and women over the years and it always begins with these 3 RULES you must apply to stop the SNOWBALL FAT EFFECT and RESET YOUR METABOLISM.

However, I must WARN YOU that what you are about to read may challenge your long-held beliefs about fitness and weight loss. That’s because there’s tons of misinformation out there and countless companies advertising that their way is…