60-Day-Ultimate U

Gilad has combined TWO of his AWARD-WINNING, BEST-SELLING workout programs to dramatically re-build your body. ‘ULTIMATE BODY SCULPT’ has been called,…” the best series of fitness DVDs ever made!” ‘LORD OF THE ABS’ is the world’s only CORE CROSS-TRAINING system designed not only to give you 6-pack abs but to sculpt your body, strengthen your core and burn excess fat!

When these two systems are combined you have the most POWERFUL, COMPLETE and COMPREHENSIVE workout program ever designed.

1. ‘Core & More’ will help you trim your waistline and give you beautiful sexy abs.

2. ‘Power & Grace’ will help you improve your athletic abilities, strength and stamina.

3. ‘Cuts & Curves’ is designed to tone the muscles that give your body it’s shape.

1. ‘Maximum Abs’ is a standing core workout that uses a heavy ball or small hand weight. It’s perfect for sculpting your core without ever going to the floor. It will improve sports performance, balance and stability helpful in your everyday activities.

2. ‘Phenomenal Abs & Core’ is an intense floor workout that uses principles from Pilates, yoga, military exercises and advanced core exercises to give you a deep 6-pack chiseling burn!

5. ‘Hard Core’ is a progressive core circuits workout that will increase your explosive core strength and overall stamina. The circuits enable beginners to advance at their own pace while advanced users get a complete hard-core workout.

3. ‘Abs On Fire’ is a fat blasting core-based workout formulated to melt away calories and pounds while you work on building a strong, stable core.

Don’t do it alone! People that get on a fitness program with others are more likely to succeed! We have an awesome FaceBook group with people that have the same goal as you: Get in the Best Shape of Their Lives! Get support from Gilad and people on the same program doing exactly what you do! This can make the difference between success and failure. Failure is not an option! We want you to reach your fitness goal and with Gilad’s 60 Day Ultimate U Challenge you will!

Join Gilad and a group of Navy Seals, Marines and civilians as they take you through this action-packed, high-energy workout designed to give you results! This fat incinerating workout combines highly effective martial arts moves with calisthenics, plyometrics and compound strength moves…