ABSANITY – By Amer “The Hammer” Kamra

At the age of 20 I realized this and by the age of 22 I became the youngest WBFF PRO fitness model in the world, I started my very own successful online and one-on-one training business Hammer Fitness Inc. I also wrote 2 published fitness books. I am a columnist for over 10 different magazines and I am named "2010 personal trainer of the year" by World physique Magazine. At the age of 23 I started working with individuals on a personal level coaching them in and outside of the gym, transformed 100’s of people, and even became the number 1 fitness model in Canada.

Before I changed my mindset, what had I accomplish? Not much, I had a descent physique (6/10) I worked a normal JOB (Just Over Broke), and was miserable, and depressed!

High Intensity Power Training is a training system created that breaks out of the "norm". No more boring single body-part split, no more measuring and weighing your food, and most importantly no more dreaming about building muscle and losing fat. This is where it happens! Oh yeah did I mention? Without starving yourself! HIPT is NOT a bodybuilding program, bodybuilding programs are for bodybuilders.

High intensity Power Training is a unique 3-phase system that utilizes workouts, rep ranges, rest time, and training methods you have never witnessed before. It is crucial that you follow HIPT with a systematic approach, as it is structured to provide maximal fat loss and muscle growth all together.

Many people are under the impression that it is impossible to stay lean year round. Working under a bodybuilding program, it is in fact very unlikely. Because HIPT alters your body’s method of functionality by allowing for the burning of calories, building of muscle, and increasing metabolic rates, it is possible. You are not depriving your body of calories, micro or macronutrients and therefore you will remain ripped year-round.

NOT TRUE! Many "fat loss" pills are filled with diuretics such as green tea extract, dandelion roots and caffeine, which excrete water out of your body. So essentially YES you do lose weight, but weight that you NEED (i.e. water weight). The worst thing you can do is dehydrate your body, for it is very unhealthy and the weight loss results are only temporary. You will not see any long-lasting weight loss in your body, because you are not burning fat. Instead, you are draining water out of your body…