Activities for Long Car Trips With Children

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There is nothing more torturous then very long road trips with kids who are bored out of being in the car. There are electronic options at your finger tips such as DVD players and hand held video games, but these can even get old quickly for kids. Your kids will thank you if you stock up some other options for then to play with.

A great game to consider purchasing is @@AMAZONTEXT;0811822176;Rubberneckers: Everyone’s Favorate Travel Game@@. This card game is based on keeping your eyes open as you travel to see different sights and objects. The goal is to be the first one that gets to 100 points. This game is interesting enough for all age groups to play.

Similarly, @@AMAZONTEXT;0917120116;Miles Of Smiles: 101 Great Car Games and Activities@@ also offers many different brain games to keep your kids from needed to be watching or playing electronics. These games and activities are even entertaining enough to keep a teenagers attention.

Children love to create with their own hands.  Having car safe crafts is a great idea. Almost all children love stickers so finding an ultimate sticker book is a great way to pass the time.  DK publishing puts out a great number of these books. You can get @@AMAZONTEXT;B000GCNDOM;Desks To Go@@ which are a great way to get a flat surface for your childrent to work on.

@@AMAZONWIDGET;Ultimate sticker book;1000@@.

If you are concerned about your children having crayons and markers in your car, you could also consider a @@AMAZONTEXT;B000FJSAYO;Felt Storyboard@@. Felt storyboards are great because there is no risk to your vehicles upholstery and no real risk of mess. Since felt can be easily found at most craft stores you can make your own boards or replace lost shapes and characters.

The options for car activities don’t stop here either. Remember not all children enjoy the same thing so having a range of options is always a good idea. Keep your childrens mind active to keep them from being bored in the car.

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