Advantages of a Point & Shoot

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You don’t need to purchase the most expensive DSLR camera to take nice pictures. The point and shoot camera has a number of things to offer over the DSLR. You might not see the same calibar of quality as a DSLR compared to the point and shoot.

Though the size trade off of a compact / subcompact point and shoot is something to consider. It is great to be able to grab your camera toss it in your shirt of jacket pocket and go climbing and hiking. Also there are other places, like the beach, where I wouldn’t want to take my DSLR. When I am outdoors in an active setting I prefer a compact camera I don’t have to worry about if I am getting a bit rough and tumble.

One of the biggest differences is the price of a point and shoot versus the DSLR. As stated earlier it is a bit easier to be rougher and tumble with a point and shoot, and part of the reason for that is they are considerably cheaper. A nice DSLR with interchangeable lenses will normally run upwards of a $1000. A decent point and shoot will normally run you around $200.

Operating a point and shoot is also generally more user friendly. Point and shoots also tend to be more intuitive and setup to be automatic for those looking to simply take pictures. This is optimal for beginnger photographers. Professional photographers even appreciate some of the more advanced point and shoots. These models are even very user friendly with more advanced options.

It can often be tough to decide on a camera when purchasing. If you like the versatility without all the hastle of carrying around large DSLR and the equipment, but want a bit better quality than a compact or subcompact you should consider a four-thirds camera. These cameras emobody the best of both worlds. They take a better qualiity picture than a sub compact but are smaller than a DSLR.

Ultimately you need to decide what your needs are. If you are an active person and don’t need to have a professional quality camera on your hip, then a point and shoot may work best for you. However if you want that professional quality and don’t mind the extra hastle, a DSLR might be for you.

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