Anne Collins Weight Loss Program


Anne Collins Weight Loss Program

Anne Collins Weight Loss Program How To Join Online Now

Important Notice Anne Collins Weight Loss Program Being Upgraded

The Anne Collins Weight Loss Program is being significantly expanded and upgraded, with more diets, additional foods and more recipes. It should be completed within a few months.

Until the NEW PROGRAM is finished, we are offering all visitors FREE ACCESS to our present range of diet plans, together with a range of dietary, nutritional and exercise advice.

To access this free information please visit our Members Area, by clicking here.

Weight Loss Forum The weight loss forum will NOT be available until the new diet program has been launched

You May Then Access Our Program and Forum (1) Once your order is accepted, you are given a unique Transaction ID Number, which you should write down – as it is your proof of purchase. (2) Then, you are asked to register a Username and Password. (3) Once this is done you may then login to the Members Area, where you can download all the diets in e-book form (pdf) and/or simply browse the whole weight loss program online. (4) In addition you may login to our wonderful forum and start posting your questions, log your weight and other measurements, or simply browse the discussion. Get year-round support from Anne Collins – one of the Web’s top weight loss experts.

Q. What is the Total Cost, Including Extras? The total cost is $19.97* This is payable when you join. There are NO extras charges. NO monthly fees. NO more to pay. (* Sterling £14.97; or 15.97 Euros)

Q. Exactly What Do I Get for My $19.97? You get UNBELIEVABLE VALUE! Your $19.97 buys you 12 months membership of the Anne Collins Weight Loss Program, which entitles you to the following:

Q. What Exactly Do I Need, in Order to Join? Two things: (1) You need a valid Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card. (2) You need an email address. (We send you confirmation of your log-in details). When you register for the forum, you need to use the same email address to enable us to verify your details.

Q. When I Join, Will I Receive Unsolicited Emails? No. You will receive NO unsolicited emails, except for a single reminder after 12 months that your membership is due to expire.