Are you a busy man or a woman over 35 who wants to lose fat, but is frustrated with lack of time for exercise?


WITHOUT Wasting Hours In The Gym Or Giving Up Your Favorite Foods! Dear friend, Are you frustrated when it comes to losing fat and getting the body you desir

I know that might be hard to believe when you reach down and pinch that roll of fat creeping over the edge of your pants and think, that wasn’t there in my younger days…

I understand that feeling because I’ve been there myself when not too long ago my world spiraled out of control.

My story began back in 2008.  I had just opened a large fitness facility when two months later the recession hit.  While people were suffering everywhere, my central Ohio community was hit especially hard and my clients were forced to cut back on their expenses.

Watching my dreams crumble while I spent every waking hour trying to keep my business out of bankruptcy (and failing) became too much to bear and I snapped under the stress…

But not long after my 40th birthday I was able to turn things around and lose 26 pounds of fat in only 40 days and see my abs for the first time in years:

When most people see the before and after pictures above they assume I killed myself in the gym every day and ate like a bird.

The truth is that most of the workouts took 15 minutes or less and I ate foods like cheeseburgers, spaghetti and meatballs, and even ice cream every single week.

So yes, you can burn fat and get a lean and toned body in only 40 days after the age of 35 even if you don’t have much time to workout.

Between working long hours for your job, taking care of your kids or grandkids, and trying to maintain a social life, you don’t have the time to grind away in the gym for an hour each day.

And you’re tired of banging your head against the wall with the latest “insane” infomercial DVD set or celebrity diet and still seeing that ugly sheath of fat that hides your ideal body when you look in the mirror.

Between the misinformation from mainstream media and ridiculous gadgets like the “shake weight”, it’s nearly impossible to know what to do when it comes to losing fat and getting the body you desire.

I’ll reveal how I was able to lose 26 pounds of fat in just 40 days and how you can transform your body without wasting tons of time in the gym while still eating your…