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Prior to I dont really comprehend why everybody is reporting this as news, this is far from a completed deal. I am not surprised there is certainly poor attendance taking into consideration how poor the thrashers are along with the wretched thrashers ownership group but I seriously wonder if the thrashers are within the type of poor shape the coyotes and several other teams are in, there had been much more fans at the thrashers property game I went to three years ago than the last islanders game I went to this year. It was like a ghost town at the islanders game.

One particular thing is for sure, Atlanta has performed a negative job of advertising this team , they will not have that chance for NHL team once more to get a lengthy time.

But I normally read it will be the the coyotes who would go household to Winnipeg. I did read a report there’s a rally for Thrashers fans scheduled for Saturday in Atlanta, maybe they can storm CNN and make them cover the rally, LOL.

Certainly one of the thrashers players, Anthony Stewart, tweeted just after the news broke Thursday night he wasn’t headed to Winnipeg: “Fat lady hasn’t sung but, my buddy.” Alot of children have definitely fallen in enjoy with hockey and street hockey in the south, you see it getting played considerably now inside the indoor soccer parks and centers, hope they preserve it inside the sunbelt for the children sake and hockey can develop in the south and sunbelt, its certainly one of the most thrilling sports I have ever seen live. Children within the south are beginning to appreciate this sport, you see street hockey becoming played all the time now.

Atlanta should have supported this team alot much more, going to become alot of disappointed fans and youngsters if they shed this team. I wonder if they even preserve the hawks.

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