Automatic fat loss, Proportioned Lean Muscle


What if I had the perfect measurements/proportions for your height and gender and the 3 minutes per day automatic fat loss trick and 1 hour per week resistance workout to get you there?

As you read every word of this page you will become amazed at how easy it can be to reach your ideal body, health and fitness.

When you boil it down to the simple facts… to burn fat you need to eat less than you burn. To build muscle… you need to create enough resistance and then rest until you have fully recovered before using greater resistance in the next workout. All the complications people come up with, such as:

And a zillion other myths… are not correct and just make achieving your goals very difficult and almost impossible to sustain (unless it is your job).

When you have the simple, scientific and correct facts then you can set about finding the most effective, efficient and easiest methods to achieve your goals. And that is what I have done. I’ve created a simple system that only takes 3 minutes per day to lose fat and 1 hour per week to create the muscle tone/size you want.

I’ve been very frustrated by this industry, just like you probably have. I found achieving the results I wanted very difficult. I went to the gym, but I only ended up sore and fed up. And it hindered my ability to play sport, which was one of the main reasons I was there.

I had sessions with sport scientists, who told me little more than regular advice. I ate more to put on muscle and just ended up just fatter. I ate a diet to lose that fat and couldn’t keep it up as it was too restrictive and put the fat back on.

At this point I was thinking: ‘What do you have to do to get the simple explanations and methods that really get results… and keep those results?’ I was so puzzled by the whole thing.

So I went through every diet and exercise plan out there searching for answers. I’ve read so much research, science, opinion and conjecture on fat loss, muscle building and performance you could build a library with it.

And I’ve also tried nearly all of it. The only things I haven’t tried are the things I had already figured out were losers.

If you know of some crazy diet or lunatic exercise regime, at one stage, I was probably all over it, hoping it was the answer.

sssThe reason these new products keep coming out…