Backpacking In Australia

If you are the sort of person who enjoys backpacking (or who dreams of enjoying backpacking!), you probably are also the sort of person who is constantly on the lookout for adventure – and when it comes to looking for adventure, what could be a better place to look than Australia! Every year, people fly from all over the world to take an epic backpack trip through Australia, but before you go ahead and take this trip yourself, here are a few things for you to make sure you know.

Plan in advance: For a typical backpacking trip, you have a bit of leeway in simply heading out and planning as you go along, but if you are going to go to Australia, you need to do a bit of planning; after all, a trip to Australia will require you to have more than just a passport and a backpack!


Know the country: You will need to make sure you know the rules and customs of Australia before you go, and you should also know where you will be going; after all, Australia is a big country, and you will want to make sure you can leave at some point, no matter how much you might be enjoying yourself!


Pack accordingly: The weather in Australia varies greatly – not just from season to season, but even within the same day – so you will need to make sure you pack in such a way that you will be prepared for anything, and you will need to do this in such a way that you can still carry your pack around.

Be smart: Being smart while backpacking through Australia is not strictly confined to avoiding wrestling matches with crocodiles (although that is certainly on the list!), but it also includes such things as drinking lots of water while you are on the trails, applying sunscreen regularly, and keeping your head protected with a wide-brimmed hat.

When you follow these tips, you will be that much closer to having a successful Australia backpacking adventure; then, it will simply be up to you to make the most of this long-lasting memory!