Banned Food Diet – Fat Loss Tips – Weight Loss Revealed

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But I didn’t realize how dangerous most other diets were until I probed – and discovered these alarming truths that very few other programs will reveal to you…

Losing Weight Can Be Like A Runaway Health Train. Don’t Ignore The Important Facts That Can Cause A Fat Loss Disaster…

As you gain weight, you usually exercise less. Your metabolism SLOWS, and in a vicious cycle it becomes more difficult to lose weight. If you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol which slows your metabolism further, and this adds to your weight problem. Diets can make your condition WORSE!

Often you will eat the same portions pre-diet – or as you did when you were younger, and your habit now causes you to OVEREAT. Your weight balloons. But eating less or exercising more is not the answer.

Extreme "crash diets" – like a bread or soup diet – can be catastrophic for your body. Even fasting and moderate calorie restriction can put a serious burden on your body’s resources. If you see another program that promotes excessive weight loss – such as 10 to 20 pounds a week – it will DAMAGE you.

EXTREME fat loss can drain valuable minerals and vitamins from your body. Many diet plans don’t give you back the nutrients that are lost.

Some diets like "Jenny Craig" and "Weight Watchers" provide convenient meals… but filled with preservatives and other nasties. Water Pill diets just make you lose water, not real weight. Diet pills often come in the form of appetite suppressants… and anything that reduces the amount of nutritious food you eat is not good for long-term health.

blood clots through chemicals in the grapefruit interacting with the Pill.

severe calorie restriction causes body to go into starvation and survival mode.

vitamin B12 deficiency is common, resulting in permanent neurological damage. Read more…

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