Barbara Godfrey – Stop Dieting, Start Living Book


Stop Dieting Start Living is a practical approach to getting off the roller coasting of dieting and creating a healthy new lifestyle that really works for the long term.

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Barbara Godfrey - Stop Dieting, Start Living BookClick Image To Visit SiteBarbara’s message of creating a healthy lifestyle we desire is both enlightening and inspiring. Her book is a testament for taking responsibility for your health and well-being. The message that she shares is a vital, honest and direct approach necessary to make informed choices to improve your health while taking charge of your life. If you want to lead a more fit, healthy and happy life, read her story.

Co-founder of Family Fitness Centers Former Executive of 24 Hour Fitness

Are you tired of starvation, fad diets that don’t last, depressed with your weight and ready to make a change once and for all?

What if you could say goodbye forever to all the things that don’t work in the Diet, Supplement and Weight Loss Industries – say goodbye to them all – all the diet scams, cover-ups, lies, myths and deceptions you have been force fed and instead, say “hello” to a better, easier way to live.

I wanted to find out what I was doing wrong because I have had problems losing weight for many years. After having kids, I had a really hard time getting my weight off.

Barbara really helped me discover what foods were best to eat and what time to eat them. She helped me uncover areas in my diet I was lacking.

She also created an eating plan to follow which made it super easy for me. She has really helped motivate me to be healthy.

As of today I have lost over 30 pounds and am excited that I have learned the foods, techniques and products to help me reach my weight loss goals.

You know the one that says every year that THIS will be the year they get their life together. They start off with good intentions and quickly disappear like

Type 2: The smart person who will dive into an action plan used by the healthiest, fittest and most energetic fitness guides alive…

…and actually implement the strategies, tactics and plans that bring in the custom results they are after and they see results like

Women, if you are worried that you will keep getting fatter and fatter, that your weight will get out of control and you will never be able to lose it. If you want to Discover Secrets to Burning Stubborn Female Fat and Boosting Metabolism, you are one click away!

Men, if you are afraid you are… Read more…

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