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How to beat high cholesterol safely without using drugs the most comprehensive manual of its type written by a top practitioner.

repost-us-image-10431440Overweight, especially around the middle (apple shaped people with fat concentrated around the abdomen and a waist in excess of 40 inches)

Gall bladder problems, often associated with pain in the right shoulder blade

“The arteries, veins and capillaries in our body are a pipeline that is 60,000 miles long. But this pipeline fails in 90% of the cases at one specific spot, the coronary arteries, with the length of only one billionth of the total vascular pipeline”.

“Regarding the fear that people have for high cholesterol, results have shown it is totally unfounded because dietary intake of cholesterol doesn’t control cholesterol levels; it’s your body’s metabolism that controls cholesterol levels”.

“It is not uncommon for people to have high cholesterol levels despite living on a low fat diet. Dietary fat does contribute to your cholesterol level but the bulk of the circulating cholesterol is generated in the liver. If your body is genetically programmed to make large amounts of cholesterol, diet adjustment is important but may not be enough to lower it to safe levels”.

Around 80% of Cholesterol found in the body is manufactured by the liver, so keeping this organ in tip top condition is vital.

Yes, there is a way natural health practitioners can see High Cholesterol in patients and you can learn how.

All drug therapies have side effects to varying degrees – Cholesterol lowering drugs have some of the biggest lists of side effects.

Here are just a few of the drug side effects ranging from the relatively mild gastrointestinal disturbances such as diarrhoea and nausea through to depression, inflammation of the liver and indeed even weakening of the heart muscle! See pages 13-16 for the full picture.

“The Beating Cholesterol eBook is instructive and easy to read. It should prove useful to professional and non-professional people. I very much enjoyed reading it.”

“Beating Cholesterol is a great little book with lots of information for people”

Smoking constricts blood vessels in the brain, putting you at a higher risk for stroke.

High cholesterol builds up inside the walls of arteries, clogging them and constricting blood flow.

This manual will truly empower you to make the right choices by giving you more knowledge about this life threatening condition……..If you have High Cholesterol… have options beyond medication!

You will learn the top recommendations from health practitioners about foods which you should avoid, which to eat and crucially…