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Body of FIRE - BOFClick Image To Visit SiteYou’ve tried every training program and diet imaginable, but none of them worked. You starved yourself, you made countless trips to the gym, and now you’ve got nothing to show for it.

The reason why you’re not burning fat is because you’ve been told the wrong information. This, in turn, made you take the wrong path toward your ultimate body that’s free of any extra fat.

Jogging for an hour is a complete waste of time. So is any form of cardio that forces your muscles have to continuously contract for an hour. That energy has to come from somewhere. The human body is very stubborn and doesn’t want to use fat for energy so it eats up your muscle instead.

This immediately kills your metabolism and makes it very easy for your body to hold onto abdominal fat.

The key to getting lean quickly is by doing the types of training that stimulates your metabolism long after you stop. Research shows that certain types of exercise will put your body in fat-burning mode for up hours and hours after you stop training.

If you only do aerobic exercise – even if it’s the right kind – you’re only working a fraction of the muscle fibers you have. When you lift weights a certain way, you tap into all those muscle fibers that aerobic training can’t touch.

This immediately boosts your metabolism because your muscles drive your metabolism. Lifting weights allows your body to recruit more muscle fibers over time. This is essential for fat loss. When you can use more of the muscle fibers you have it puts your body in fat-burning mode, and keeps it there.

Your metabolism is primarily stimulated by nutrients, not calories. When you drastically cut calories it brings your metabolism to a screeching halt because your body isn’t getting the key nutrients it needs. If you just eat less, the only thing you’ll lose is muscle, and this destroys your metabolism so you end up fatter than you were before.

It’s easy to think that lifting weights for a ton of reps is making your body burn fat. But it’s not, and research tells us why. You see, the key to really cranking up your metabolism hinges on recruiting as many muscle fibers as possible by following a key piece of science that no one talks about.

When you do high rep training to… Read more…

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