Branding Tips

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Perhaps you’ve realized you need to clearly establish your business brand so you can stand out from the competition. The following tips will get you started on a visual depiction of your business concept.

Choose colors carefully. This is perhaps the most significant choice you will make. You might not have considered color to be all that important, but it is. Marketing specialists attribute about 50% of people’s responses to your marketing materials to your use of color.

Color variations naturally inspire different reactions from people. You’ll notice restaurants often advertise (and paint interiors of their establishments) in reds, golds, and yellows because these are the colors that stimulate our appetities. If you use green in your marketing materials, you’ll come across as eco-friendly or fresh, and as calming if you use blues. Once you identify what emotional reaction you’re seeking to induce, you’ll be able to choose your colors more wisely.

Colors are also associated with specific products and well-established brands. For example, everyone knows pink is symbolic of breast cancer awareness. A lot of banks use blues. Everyone knows the golden arches belong to McDonalds. Choose a color scheme that will brand your business without linking you to anything undesirable.

Create a unique image or logo. What brand best suits your business tone: current or conservative? Get exposure to a variety of images and logos so you can get a good feel for what will best brand your business.

Consider the tone of your logo or mascot. Do you want to promote a silly tone – like that portrayed by the Rabbit on Trix cereal ads? Or are you looking for a formal, elegant tone?

You can design your own logo online or hire a professional. Inexpensive artists are easily found at art institutes or colleges. Don’t hurry through the process; choosing the right logo is essential.



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