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BREAK FREE FROM THE DIETING SPIRAL -Click Image To Visit SiteI went on my first diet when I was 15years old and have tried a lot of diets since then. I’m now 32. I’m a nutritionist and professional chef and I broke free from the dieting spiral myself about 5 years ago. It seems that everyday there is a new diet that comes out which is telling you how to eat, drink, exercise, sleep and even breathe!

All those fad diets are contradicting each other and when looking at all the information on dieting it is normal not to know where to start, what to do and how you’re supposed to eat. The world of weight loss is so overwhelming and so much money is involved in all the magical pills or miraculous training machines that it’s hard to distinguish what really works and what is simply a marketing ploy.

That’s why, as a nutritionist and professional chef, I want to make this easy for you, as I’ve already made it really simple and efficient for a number of my clients. The EverGreen Diet is a common sense approach to optimal nutrition that will make you shed pounds quickly, while detoxifying your cells and body, making you more beautiful, younger and feeling great!

The EverGreen Diet is simple, delicious, easy. You can still get going with you life and lose weight at the same time.

The everGreen Diet is based on optimal nutrition, tailored to your nutritional needs. On the program you won’t only lose weight but your body will heal itself, detoxicate and even rejuvenate!

I don’t want you to lose weight for just a few weeks or months but for the rest of your life! This is why I strongly believe that a good diet needs to include delicious recipes and variety! This way, if you don’t get bored and if you enjoy what you eat, you are most likely to love the diet you’re on and do it properly and keep doing it just because you love it!

To me, there is nothing more frustrating than calorie counting. Not all calories are created equals. Feeding yourself with 1500 calories from peanuts won’t make you feel satisfied and you’ll probably end up with cravings and stored fat somewhere. Nourishing yourself with 1500 calories of delicious, varied and appropriate foods is a whole different experience and will keep you happy!

Because we are all different, with different appetite and a different life-style, I… Read more…

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