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Burn All FatClick Image To Visit SiteJust like thousands of women across the world, I have had the same problems with weight-loss. I have tried every diet that was ever mentioned to me. Not to mention the ones I was able to read in magazines and on the Internet.

Losing weight is one of the most stressful things for many women (or at least trying too), but if you are thinking all that stress will bring down your weight a few stones or pounds, you are wrong. You will actually gain weight due to stress. This is my personal experience. After having two kids, the problem only become more complex.

After my first kid, I thought loosing the extra pounds would be as simple as it seemed to gain them! How wrong I was! It is worse than trying to get rid of an extremely annoying friend. Starving yourself is a strict no-no (this can instigate other health complications). Especially for nursing mothers!

The liquid-only diet can work for sometime till you end up wanting to use the toilet at odd times and all the time. The protein-only-diet will leave you starving and salivating for other foods. And once you stop, you may end up eating all the food you craved for; thus, gaining more weight in one vicious setting! It is one horrendous catch-22 situation. And there are hundreds of other diets; some of which I have tried and some which I dare not! The diets where you plan every meal of the day, works too; albeit only for some time!

But after a while, the planning simply bogs you down and you will end up switching to your regular food and normal routine. Who really has time to count calories? That consumes 30 minutes a day, perhaps more. Women who juggle their career, children, and family life will find the planned diet more difficult to stick to than following a three year old around on the playground.

Exercising of course is the best way to lose weight even if you do or don’t follow a specific diet system. I try to incorporate at least 30 minutes of simple walking on an everyday basis. At 48-years of age, two kids, and a career, that is all I can manage and it is enough after I found the right method.

Though I have always battled weight issues from my teenage years, I have had never had as much… Read more…

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