Can You Count on a High Fiber Diet to Result in Weight Loss?

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Many weight loss programs have touted the idea that a high fiber diet will result in weight loss, regardless of portion control and calorie counting. This high fiber weight loss plan assumes you will feel satiated and stop eating once your belly is distended enough from all that fiber. It also counts on the high fiber intake countering the effects of unhealthy foods, such as high sugar foods, since some types of fiber can reduce the impact of sugar on your blood sugar level.

There’s no doubt fiber is a fabulous part of any weight loss effort. You can think of fiber as a cleaning utensil that removes excess material from your intestines, improving regularity. And true to rumor, fiber makes you feel full. Fiber helps your body handle high sugar foods without causing super high blood sugar level spikes, which cause your body to release insulin. When fiber counteracts high sugar foods and keeps your blood sugar level steady, it helps you fight cravings to overeat that are usually related to blood sugar level ups and and downs.

But will eating a high fiber diet ensure weight loss?

Sure, fiber makes you feel full, but it also stretches out your stomach, leaving even more room for you to pack away more food. This results in the proverbial “hollow leg”, or the ability to eat lots of food. Eating a high fiber diet also doesn’t stop you from packing in the calories through calorie-dense foods such as icing, custard, and ice cream. It’s not enough to simply pack your diet full of fiber and hope you will eat less because you are so full of fiber.

The healthy solution? Fill your daily menu with high fiber foods, but pay attention to your other foods choices as well. Use portion control, count calories, and get daily exercise, limiting high calorie foods and relying on calorie-control and exercise to shed pounds.



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