Cancer Medical Triumph: Increase Body O2 Naturally (Book)

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Official medicine says that cancer cure is impossible and cancer cause is unknown. However, some doctors have a clear plan and know exactly what to do with cancer. They can tell you exactly what you need to achieve (the body O2 test) to defeat cancer. These doctors know and address the cause of the disease.

On a cellular level, cancer is caused by abnormally low O2 levels in tumors and other cells of the body. During last several decades, hundreds of studies confirmed this result. Many people believe that cancer is due to low pH (acidity) in cells. However, many studies clearly proved that low pH or acidity in cells is a result of cell hypoxia. Therefore, the idea that acidity in cancer cells is the cause of cancer is a myth without scientific or medical support.

Obviously, we need to investigate breathing parameters in people with cancer in order to find out the cause of their low body O2 or tissue hypoxia. There are several studies that measured minute ventilation, breathing frequency, CO2 content in the exhaled air, and other parameters in people with cancer. What are the results?

Each and every study that measured breathing in patients with cancer (with dyspnea and without dyspnea) found that these subjects have heavy and fast breathing patterns. To be more specific, it has been proven that people with cancer breathe about 2-3 times faster (than the norm) and take more air per each breath with low CO2 in exhaled air.

There are many methods that are able to increase body O2 levels naturally. Note that the total body O2 content is hard to measure. However, a simple DIY body oxygen test provides an accurate measure for this value (in seconds) in people who want to cure cancer.

The Buteyko method is one of the medical techniques that increases body O2. It has excellent techniques related to lifestyle changes, but Buteyko exercises are not easy to learn without a Buteyko breathing teacher. However, other breathing exercises (with the use of breathing devices) are much easier to learn. Furthermore, the Frolov device produces even better and faster results in relation to the body oxygen test. This technique is even more popular in Russia these days.

Is this a cure for cancer? This is almost a cancer cure, but not any cancer cure yet (not for distant metastatic cancer). Smart treatment of cancer, including brain cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer should be based on removal of the cancer chief cause.

As a next step to cure cancer, you can study all medical evidence related to treatment of cancer used by Russian and Ukrainian MDs. All these ideas and studies are considered in the Amazon Kindle book “Cancer: Medical Triumph with Self-Oxygenation Therapies”.

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