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repost-us-image-10122643The Arnold Classic is second to the Olympia for repute, but only the Olympics can compare it’s enormous escalation. In 2012, Bikini competitors vie to unseat Nicole Nagrani!

Nicole danced and cheered, but never felt right physically. After 20 years of health worries, this loveable bikini pro found relief in fitness. Check out her unique supplement stack!

Craig Capurso is a Wall Street trader and a victor on the bodybuilding scene. As his victories mount and the stages get bigger, Craig inches closer to being the biggest bull on the market.

Knowing the whens of supplementation is as important as knowing the whats. Get your money’s worth by taking your supplements at exactly the right time.

Andre gave up many things on his quest toward fitness, including some friendships he lost the time for. See how he packed on 40 pounds and a new identity.