Changing Your Course

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Changing Your CourseClick Image To Visit SiteIf you have ever been on a diet, this book will change how you see yourself, both before and after losing weight.

If you have ever wondered how to live in this world of endless food choices and be in control, then this book is for you.

Experts have not found answers to weight problems. In fact, the more diet choices we have the worse the problem gets.

Do you feel you are being led down the wrong path when you get frustrated with your weight loss plan? You have it in you to conquer what’s been holding you back.

My name is Sharon Farber and I have been fat all my life, until now. I have found my inner voice and learned how to control my food addictions and live without the lure of foods that had kept me fat. I now have achieved the answers I need to be in control over food.

I know what it is like to feel unhealthy, feeling years older than I should and not able to participate in my own life. I have found the path to success over obesity and wish to share my journey with you.

It is a journey where I have discovered how the food industry and the way we are taught to perceive food had controlled me.

Understand where your frustrations come from. Learn what it is to gain strength by taking control of what has been holding you back.

Stop living your life out of control. Do not give up simply because you are not sure where to go next. I did, for so many years, just because I did not know what to do or where to turn. But I found the answers all around me and within myself. It is a self-journey worth taking for your health—and for a better life.

Embarking on something you know will change your life forever can be an overwhelming task, but when you know it is time for that change to occur—you are ready.

This remarkable journey of discovery, planning, and empowerment will delight you by all the “ah ha” moments you have along the way.

"I truly enjoyed ‘Changing Your Course.’ It has inspired me to be more aware of how and what I eat. I applaud Ms. Farber for her accomplishment of changing her life and for sharing her journey with the… Read more…

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