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Cheat Your Way ThinClick Image To Visit SiteHi, bestselling author and nutritionist Joel Marion here. In just a minute I’m going to share with you exactly why you must regularly indulge in the foods you love if you plan to achieve the fastest possible fat-loss, but before I do that…

Here it is: the true, behind-the-scenes story of how my most embarrassing “screw-up” as a fitness professional just so happened to be the best mistake I ever made

You know, I’ve been a part of the fitness industry as a personal trainer, nutritionist and author for close to 10 years now. During that time, I’ve had the opportunity to write for nearly every newsstand publication you can think of, appear on more health and fitness radio shows than I can count, and I’ve even been fortunate enough to have my ideas broadcasted over the airways of some of the most prestigious television networks.

You see, on February 18th, 2003 I set out to achieve a very real, personal goal of mine to get into the best physical shape of my life.

And for at least a week prior, I sat there and meticulously mapped out every single item I planned to eat over the course of the next 12 weeks.

The end result? Exactly what you would expect to see in a “solid” fat-loss nutrition program: plenty of fruit, veggies, lean protein, and healthy fat.

No pizza, no mac n’ cheese, no ice cream, and certainly none of those mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies that I had grown to love so much over the years.

Surely, it wasn’t going to be an easy ride, but I knew it’s what I absolutely had to do to achieve my goals.

I roll out of bed, head to the bathroom, step on the scale and notice that the numbers didn’t change one bit since the day before. In fact, they hadn’t changed all week.

I mean, I’m sitting there doing everything in the world I thought I should be doing, and instead of losing fat as fast as humanly possible like I should have been, the exact opposite was happening—I wasn’t losing fat at all.

By this time, I was feeling pretty discouraged. Simply put, the fruits of my labor just weren’t adding up to the effort I was putting in—a scenario which ultimately paved the way to my most embarrassing admission: Read more…

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