Check Your Child Obesity Now

repost-us-image-10431440Well look no further than this program. If you’d like the most-up-to-date advice on what to feed your child, in a simple, cheap, easy-to-follow 6 week program then download the Check Child Obesity Program and start today…

My name is Dr Shirley Mcilvenny and I want to tell you about my fantastic new program for getting rid of child obesity.

This is my family. After bringing up 5 children, I know a thing or two about getting them to eat the right diet. And I want to share with you, all I have gleaned over the years of being a Family Doctor as well as a parent of 5 children.

Now I’ve been a family doctor for about 25 years and I’ve helped lots of families deal with their childhood obesity problem, not just children but adults too. I am a UK doctor, trained in all aspects of Family Medicine but I‘m also a member of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, so I spend most of my time dealing with problems that have a nutritional basis.

Hence, I have plenty of personal experience with food issues over the years. Like you, I had a child who wouldn’t eat vegetables and who used to vomit when I gave them fruit! I had another child who used to hide food they didn’t like under the table. And later on I’d find the remains on the floor.

At the same time I used to find candy wrappers and empty chip bags stuffed between books on the bookshelf. I also found the lunch bag I’d carefully packed – in the trash – while pocket money went on fast-food. So I think I’ve probably seen and heard every eating problem under the sun.

As a working mother I know how hard it can be find time to cook healthy food, but with my recipe book and a bit of planning you can rustle up great nutritious dishes in just a few minutes.

Her Mom writes : ‘When I saw Jessica putting on weight, I felt so guilty. Being a working mother I wasn’t around to stop her eating cookies and buying candy on the way home from school. I was afraid the problem would escalate and she would end up obese. However I followed all the tips in this program and the weight just seemed to fall off! Words can’t describe the pride I felt when…