Choosing Between A Saltwater And Freshwater Fish Tank

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Fish are one of the best “pets” that you can have in your house, as fish require much less attention than a dog or even a cat would require, and they are certainly entertaining and relaxing to watch; if you have been thinking about starting a fish tank of your own, however, you may have gotten stuck on the question of whether you should choose a saltwater tank or a freshwater tank – and you may not have realized that there are really only three simple factors you need to look at in order to make this decision.

The first factor you should look at is price, and while the equipment you will need for a freshwater tank and a saltwater tank are generally the same, it is important to understand that the long-term price of a saltwater tank is much higher than a the long-term price of a freshwater tank; this disparity in price, of course, is largely due to two factors: firstly, you should stock your saltwater tank with live plants instead of plastic plants, and secondly, saltwater fish are often quite expensive!

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The second factor you should look at is “amount of work,” and while there is a general belief that a saltwater tank is a lot more work to take care of than a freshwater tank, this is really not the case; a saltwater tank is more finicky than a freshwater tank, but the amount of time you will need to spend taking care of each is about equal.

And finally, “beauty” is a factor you will have to look at, and while there are certainly some good-looking freshwater fish you can stock your tank with, there is really nothing in the world of freshwater fish that can compare to the overall beauty of a saltwater tank.

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In examining the pros and cons of whether you should go with a freshwater tank or a saltwater tank, realize that the decision truly comes down to price and beauty; determine which of these two is more important to you, and you will have your answer of which sort of tank belongs in your house!

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