Choosing Who To Start And Sit In Fantasy Football

If you are a veteran fantasy footballer, you understand that a lot of time and research can go into compiling your team, but when you get to the decision of who to start and who to sit each week, you can find yourself in a tough spot – and in fact, if you have put together a pretty good team, these decisions can be even tougher, as you will have even more players to choose from for your starting roster each week!

The first thing you should do each week when you are trying to make decisions as to who you will start and who you will sit is take the time to research different rankings; there are lots of different, reputable sites that post weekly rankings each week, and you will often find that of the two players you are trying to decide between, one is consistently ranked higher across several websites for that week.

If the players you are trying to choose between play a different position (such as having to choose between a certain running back or a certain wide receiver to play in your flex), or if the rankings for the week are different on different websites, you will be best served to decide whether you need to go with a more risky player who has a higher upside, or if you should go with a safer bet who may not have as much explosiveness.


And many fantasy footballers get themselves into trouble by worrying a whole lot about matchups, assuming that a mediocre player will perform better in a soft matchup than a great player will perform in a difficult matchup; while this will sometimes be the case, you will find that it is far more often the case that the better player will put up more fantasy points – regardless of matchups – so continue riding your best players, and eventually this will bring you a lot more wins.

There is a whole lot that goes into conducting and keeping up with a fantasy football season, but when you keep these tips in mind, you can at least minimize the difficulty of deciding who to start and who to sit.

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