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Stop The Weight Loss Insanity! Coach Carla has been where you are…she once weighed 330 lbs; has lost 135 pounds and kept it off for over 18 years. It’s time you did too!

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Coach Carla FitnessClick Image To Visit SiteI know it hurts…the many times you have tried to lose weight but to only discover too late the pill, potion and “diet of the week” not only robbed you of time and expense but your self esteem too.

I know because I was once where you are today. My name is Carla Ferrer, better known as Coach Carla and I’ve taken every Diet Pill, Carb Blocker, Fat Burner, Metabolism Booster, Appetite Suppressant and tried every “Diet of the Week, Month, Year.” If you are like I was, you may have lost some weight however more than likely you have gained the weight back and maybe added even more!

Why can I say this? Because Carla has been there, once weighing well over 300 pounds and then losing 135 pounds in 9 months – Naturally, no gimmicks, no pills, no surgeries! And more important keeping all those pounds off for over 18 years…then going on to help thousands do exactly the same thing.

Coach Carla has completely transformed her life from “Fat to Fan-TABULOUS” and was able to so without depriving herself, or resorting to chemical stimulants, and without spending hours in a gym each day.“

DECIDE to join me inside Coach Carla Fitness to receive the easy step by step process for transforming yourself from Fat to Fan-TABULOUS!

COMMIT to following the simple steps. When you follow the easy steps you will see yourself losing 5 – 9 pounds the very first week. Some of our member friends have lost as much as 14 pounds in their first week of the program!

Literally this proven, easy step by step fat busting program comes from a combined 27 years of research by Coach Carla and Dr. David. They have helped thousands of people lose weight and reach their weight loss and fitness goals. Now, isn’t time you did too?

Each day of your first week you’ll have access to an uplifting and highly impactful video from Coach Carla guiding you and making sure you keep on target. It’s like having Coach Carla by your side ensuring you reach your goal!

You get over a 1,000 Fat Melting Recipes all approved by Coach Carl & Dr. David to finally get you on the path of sustained weight loss.

As a Coach Carla Fitness member, you get full access to the premier “My Favorite Health Store” online store. Dr. Alan has direct input on… Read more…

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