Coach Handbags – Is It Live Or Is It Memorex?

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Do you remember that old saying, “Sound reproduction so true to life you have to ask, is it live or is it Memorex?” The point being that the “copy” is so good you can’t distinguish it from the real thing. It’s an old saying, but one that still rings true today. Especially when applied to the state of the fake designer handbag industry nowadays. The producers of fake, nock-off designer bags are getting better and more clever than ever at making these phony factory store

It’s getting very hard for people to tell anymore if the designer bags they are buying are real or fake. Making it more difficult than ever for the average, let alone uninformed consumer to purchase an authentic designer handbag for less than the msrp from somebody other than the actual maufacturer themselves. You really must be on guard when looking for your next designer handbag deal or you may just end up with a fake.

Trying to spot a fake Coach Handbag can be one tough task for the average shopper, though with the help of this guide you will learn enough tips to allow you to make an educated decision when making a purchase of any Coach handbag you find for sale online. We will start with some of the more obvious things to look for when shopping for a Coach bag. These tips will be very helpful to you when you are shopping on auction sites like ebay, Yahoo auctions or MSN. We’ll start from the top and work our way down the list.

The first thing you should always do is take a look at the feedback for the seller you are thinking of making a purchase from. This is one of ebay’s best features, with this system fellow buyers are allowed to leave feedback about their purchases from the seller. You’ll definitely want to read the comments that previous buyers have posted about they’re transactions with the seller. If you find that the majority of the comments about the seller are negative, that should raise a red flag that tells you that you don’t want to deal with this seller.

At that point it should be pretty obvious that the seller is not conducting a reputable business. Another warning sign you should keep an eye out for is sellers with very little feedback. Sellers that only have feedback of 10 or less comments should generally be avoided, even if the feedback is all positive. The reason for this being that these sellers are just starting out, and they may not even know if they are selling a fake handbag or not.

The next thing that you will want to do is take a good look at the pattern on the outside fabric of the handbag you’re thinking of purchasing. Since the majority of Coach handbags have the “C” brand logo on them, this is a good point of scrutiny. The “C” brand logo should always start at the center of the bag and then go out from there. The middle seam will go straight through the middle of the C on authentic Coach bags. Make sure to examine the bag closely at the side seams. One of the tell tale signs of a fake Coach handbag is the “C” pattern being cut off on the bags.

Another thing to take note of is this, on real Coach purses the tip of the “C” always touches the tip of the opposite “C”. Whenever you notice these inconsistencies with the “C” logo on a Coach bag, you know it is a fake, plain and simple. Another trick that some of the distributors of fake Coach handbags like to use is to change the logo to “GG” instead of “CC”. When you see this you automatically know that the bag you are looking at is a fake.

You will also want to pay extremely close attention to the fabric used on the bag, it will tell you a lot about the quality and authenticity of the handbag you’re looking at. Make sure to take a very close look at the stitching of the bag, this is a very important point. Coach will never send out their handbags with poor quality stitching. When you see stitching that is off line or overlapping, that’s a clear indication of very poor quality stitching. Don’t give these bags a second thought.

Something else you will want to keep in mind when shopping for a new bag is whether or not you’ve ever seen that style of bag you’re thinking of buying before. Purveyors of fake designer handbags like to distribute brand new styles that have never been released by Coach in any way, shape, or form in an attempt to make it harder to compare to authentic bags. That’s why you would be wise to try to familiarize yourself with Coaches current line of handbags as well as what Coach will be releasing in the future. That way you will be able to compare your findings to that of what sellers are trying to pitch to you.

One other thing you will want to pay special attention too is the inner lining of the handbag you are looking at. Look to see if the inner lining has the signature logo of Coach. If it does, check to see if the “CC” in the logo is touching as mentioned earlier about the logo on the outside of the bag. You should also once again take note of the quality of the stitching. Does the stitching look sloppy and poorly done? See if there is a serial number on the inside the bag. The serial number will be stamped on the inside of the purse on a square patch of leather that is sewn into the lining. Now don’t be alarmed, if this is a smaller purse (clutch, swingback, or mini) it will not have a serial number. Those small bags just don’t come with a serial number like that.

Next, we’ll need to take a look at the outside again. Let’s take a look at the hardware used on the bag. Coach prides itself in the fact that they only use the best hardware available for their handbags. For example, let’s take the zipper. Coach only uses the highest quality manufacturer of zippers available. The manufacturer of the zippers stamps their brand mark on all of their zippers with the “YKK” logo. When examining the Coach bag you’re interested in, make sure you see the “YKK” logo on the zipper pull. If you don’t see that “YKK” logo there, you know you’re looking at a fake Coach handbag.

What about the “made in tag”? Some people are under the impression that Coach does not sell handbags that say made in China on the tag. Well they are misinformed, Coach does indeed sell some handbags that say made in China on the tag inside. However, if you happen to see a Coach bag for sale that says made in Korea, forget it. That is absolutely without a doubt a fake Coach bag. There are no Coach handbags produced in Korea, end of story. If you happen to be unfortunate enough to have purchased what you thought was an authentic Coach bag, only to find out upon receiving your bag that it says made in Korea on the tag, take it back or return it immediately for a refund. That is not an authentic Coach handbag and you are better off not buying anything at all from that company.

Hopefully this article has shed a little light on this important subject for you. We hope you will now feel more at ease having these tools to help you make an educated decision the next time you go shopping for an authentic Coach factory online

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