Codename Indestructible

For the very first time, Bond super-fan, RKC Team Leader, and CrossFit coach, Mike Krivka brings his years of expertise to the table to design what Dan John has called “…the most unique approach to programming since the advent of split training.”

These 24 unique workouts were inspired by the movies we all know and love… And they’re aimed to fire us toward the secret agent abilities we all covet.  Resilience, strength, mobility, tenacity…  and of course looking great in formal eveningwear.

Many say RKC and CrossFit can’t work together… Mike Krivka  blasts through that unimaginative misconception, with these intelligent and powerful workouts.   Even better, his clear cut programming guidelines will have you or you training group well on the way to excellence with no confusion.  The pathways are clear cut—while still allowing for your lifestyle and imagination.

007… Women want him, men want to be him.  No matter where you stand, there’s no denying the irresistible allure of the Bond legacy.

Listen to a podcast interview with Mike Krivka all about Code Name: Indestructible:[ca_audio url=”″ width=”500″ height=”27″ css_class=”codeart-google-mp3-player”] Or click here to download the MP3 podcast and enjoy it on the go!