Composition Tracker – Is your body fat too high?

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Based on recent studies, we now know that it’s not always how much you weight that matters, but how much of that weight is body fat. Increased body fat has been linked to serious health concerns-and the problem is growing. Studies are showing that reducing body fat can help reduce your risk of diseases that include:

Just to name just a few. People with lower body fat are healthier, live longer, and are more active. But staying motivated on a training program can be difficult, unless you have a way of checking your progress-and a way to actually see the results.

Composition Tracker allows you to track your body fat and composition, and is one of the best methods of ensuring that you are losing fat, and gaining muscle during a training or weight loss program.

Whether you are a body builder working on increasing your capacity, or working out to lose inches, you’ll be encouraged (and motivated to continue!) as you see your body fat change over time.

Monitoring body fat has never been easier-or more cost effective- than with Composition Tracker software. Composition Tracker is extremely user friendly: and you can choose from several methods of measuring body fat. Our software does the work for you, calculating exact body fat ratios instantly!

You’ll have accurate figures, displayed in an easy- to- read format that allows you to track body fat changes over time.

You can track multiple users, multiple times. This user-friendly software allows you (or your clients if you are a health club owner) to track composition changes-and health gains-on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis if desired, for an unlimited period of time.

Our software program stores the data for an unlimited period of time, allowing you to monitor long-term changes, and modify your training program accordingly. Now, you can become more aware of your body’s composition, and work towards healthier ratios-and better health.

Now, you can have access to professional quality software that allows you to monitor your body composition, and check the progress of your training or weight loss program.

Composition Tracker is easy to use-and requires no specialized knowledge. Calculating composition ratios is as simple as keying…