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COOKIE DIETClick Image To Visit SiteImagine if you could lose weight without rigorous, boring exercise, dangerous & expensive diets, vitamin supplements, and disgusting bland dieting regimens. Imagine no more! Live the dream!

It promises you’ll shed pounds “The Delicious Way” and suggests you “Eat a cookie, skip a meal”

Many are weighing in up to 20 pounds lighter after trying it for four to six weeks

Eat the vitamin-packed cook- ies four times a day instead of meals, plus a sensible dinner

Now, some of you may be wondering the following; how can I possibly subsist off of cookies for the rest of my life? Yeah, the cookies are low carb, and they taste great but come on!

No worries! The really neat thing about these cookies is that their chock-full of the nutrients that you need to stay healthy and fit for life! The formula incorporates every essential nutrient and vitamin that the average man and woman needs to maintain proper mental and physical health for decades! These cookies are infused with every bit of protein, calcium, iron, and vitamins the average person needs to subsist on a regular basis. Unlike your typical vitamin supplement pills the minerals and vitamins are processed normally by your body because they aren’t distributed in a capsule form. This allows your body to absorb all the nutrients it needs unlike with a pill where most of the nutrients are expelled as waste! Not to mention you don’t have to worry about swallowing horse pulls and other nasty side effects!

At this point you’re probably thinking, “Ok, the cookies taste delicious, are nutritious, and suppress hunger, but will they make me lose weight and keep it off?!” Your concerns are understandable. To set your mind at ease a scientifically valid and reliable study with 10,000 overweight people was conducted.

5000 men and 5000 women participated in the study. 30 clinics across the United States were opened to monitor the respondents carefully. The respondents were asked to only subsist on the cookies and water for 6 months. The respondents were each given a weight log where they would track their weight loss progress over the months. Each month the respondents came into one of the clinics and went through a rigorous medical evaluation to evaluate their mental and physical health and well-being and to weigh-in. The study found that 100% of the men and 100% of the women lost weight after subsisting entirely on cookies… Read more…

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