Diet Drinks: Are They Really A Healthy Alternative?

For some time now, the lines of popular soft drinks have included an ever-growing list of drinks which purport to be healthy alternatives to the classic, established versions. In fact, the first diet soda was launched as far back as 1963 – it was known as “Tab”. Diet Coke did not emerge until the 1980s, long after Pepsi had unveiled their own Diet version. Coca-Cola had felt that the unveiling of a Diet brand would put their own full Coke brand in a negative light. Having seen the results Pepsi had in the same niche, they relented to pressure and unveiled what is now one of the world’s most popular brands.
This of course is a different question from whether the “diet” brands are exactly what they claim to be. Certainly, they are a low calorie alternative to the more established names, but they will not do much on their own. Anyone feeling that they will lose pounds by simply making the switch from full Coke to Diet Coke is certain to be sorely disappointed, unless they drink the full brand in such quantities that it is causing them several other health problems.
The extent to which diet sodas help a dieting person make a difference in their calorie intake may be overestimated, but if you do make the switch in connection with other changes to your diet, you will see results. In addition, the absence of sugar from the diet or “zero” brands on the market may well aid your health in other ways. As long as you don’t expect miracles from a diet soda, it may well be a useful tool in your dieting plans.

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