CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR COPY NOW! Weight Loss Revelations is the latest sensation in diet consciousness books. Through it’s no-nonsense,



Weight Loss Revelations is the latest sensation in diet consciousness books. Through it’s no-nonsense, direct approach, it targets why we lose faith in diets and how to listen to the simple truth. The responsibility to lose weight is squarely up to you but Weight Loss Revelations provides you with signposts leading to a new you.

By listening to your body, really hearing what it needs and acknowledging it, you can conquer the most anxious food cravings. The formula is simple: Want strawberry cheesecake? Psychologists say that it’s the strawberry flavor that we crave so instead of a caloric hullabaloo, have some strawberries with some cool whip.

If you’re out to dinner, watch for the biggest villain to sabotage your diet: MSG, which triggers more chemical reactions in your body than a nuclear power plant. Weight Loss Revelations contains other saboteurs such as sugar and fat, but doesn’t advocate a Spartan diet; if your craving is too overwhelming, have a bite of that cheesecake and toss the rest away.

“The difficulty”, says diet expert Clarence Range, “are the excuses we all make in why we’re not dieting. I despised the word diet, I still do. Diets aren’t going to help you maintain your weight loss, diets are short term solutions…” Range, who spent over $8,000 in different diet plans professes that his system is the easiest since common sense and the desire for change involves the right emotional choices.

The Weight Loss Revelation prophet shed forty pounds with his special program and has kept it off. He believes in long term change by leaving the word diet by the wayside so you don’t feel bad about it. In it’s place: moderation, a simple 20- minute exercise plan, reminder list, and learning to listen to your body and its cravings. He is the professed guru of expounding why people hate diets and why reframing your mind works. “Stop sabotaging yourself,” Range implores, “diets can drive you crazy… the real focus should be finding the real you.”

Weight Loss Revelation is a life-changing system that will change the way you view food, the way you view yourself, and how the world views you.

Weight Loss Revelation is all about how you can become your very best and ultimately lead a long, happy life.

Weight Loss Revelations is a simple guide to losing weight and keeping it off…