Double Your Fat Loss

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Double Your Fat LossClick Image To Visit SiteBetween information overload, numerous fat loss programs, books, websites, diet books etc. it’s a never ending roller coaster of information. But it has to STOP RIGHT NOW.

You have to DO WHAT I SAY and apply it. Don’t listen to every "guru" or "fat loss expert". Don’t jump ship at every new magazine or gimmick weight loss diet. Follow MY plan, and don’t deviate and you will be GUARANTEED RESULTS!

I am an expert in Fat Loss & Physique Transformations. I have helped every type of personal imaginable. From high end competitive bodybuilders, to stay at home moms looking to lose fat feel better about themselves.

I don’t have amazing genetics for getting "lean", I have to work hard for it, so I had to learn everything I could for fat loss. I have to stay in shape, it’s my job! No one wants to take advice from a fat trainer! Which is why I practice what I preach and what I say will work for everyone, including YOU!

So I took everything I knew about Fat Loss, made it into an easy to read, no science big word stuff to over complicate things, and I came up with essentially my "Cliff’s Notes on Fat Loss"

What’s amazing about Double Your Fat Loss is that it WORKS. You see everything I recommend I have put into practice with my clients. My good friend and top personal trainer Andy Pratt created a program Ripped in 42, which is a 42 day Transformation Program. We used all the fat loss tips & tricks to help our clients and as you can see from their crazy results, I know a thing or two about fat loss.

Forget everything you know about "Counting Calories", counting "Points", or watching how many calories you burn on exercise machines. You will never have to worry about any of that AGAIN once I teach YOU how to EAT the RIGHT WAY.

You see calories are NOT all created equal. A calorie is NOT a calorie. Not all calories are the same, and not all FOOD’S are the same.

The key is correct FOOD’s, Timing Of FOODS, and the NUTRIENTS that we eat and the THERMIC EFFECT OF FOOD!

Don’t worry, it will all make sense once you read it! But for now let’s just focus on what you WILL be learn and do in "Double Your Fat Loss Program"

I made it… Read more…

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