Eating While Slimming Down


Returning to your ideal weight, without weighing food or counting calories.

“Discover how I succeeded in returning to my ideal weight without weighing food or counting calories.”

The first question you’ve surely asked yourself when you landed on this site was probably: How many pounds will I be able to lose with this method, and in how much time? Especially if you’ve already tried several regimens before.

But that’s not really how to approach the “problem”. So how do we do it? By forgetting about diets that only starve you and tire you out!

I start off with the principle that the only way each one of us can achieve our weight loss objective is by eating a balanced diet. All while taking care of our health in general!

Are you worried about losing willpower? Be reassured! I know, just as you do, that the “method” on its own will not suffice: accompaniment is also VERY important to get through it.

My easy to follow method will allow you to return to your ideal weight, and especially to maintain it, without needing to hold yourself back and without insurmountable obstacles. Moreover, you will be helped every step of the way.

Obviously, you have to make some efforts in the beginning. But the initial weight loss will be very quick (which will allow you to stay motivated) and you will be able to rapidly reintroduce the avoided foods from the “first tier“.