Eliminating Bugs from Your Summer

Most people enjoy spending a portion of their day outside once the weather warms up. There isn’t much better in life than doing some grilling outside on a nice summer evening. Insects can be the only bad part of the entire time you spend outside. The night can be beautiful, but having to worry about mosquitoes and other bugs is a nuisance. People try a ton of different things to keep bugs out, but only a few actually work.

Most people try to keep bugs away on most nights with insect repellant spray. Clothes and skin need to be sprayed for it to work. However it usually isn’t very effective at keeping bugs away and it usually smells pretty bad. Another option is to use torches that have citronella wax in it. This has shown to be an effective alternative in studies. Usually it turns out to be a rather bad choice.

If you really want your evening to be insect free a screen house is truly your only option. Your patio, yard, or deck are all great places for you to place a screen house and escape the onslaught of insects. A nice option for a new screen house is offered by swiss gear and is ten feet by ten feet. This size is usually a good fit for most homes. It is large enough for everyone to fit in, but not so large that it is hard to place.

This screen house is also very easy to assemble. To set up the tent will only take a few minutes and it can be disassembled just as fast. It is easily transported since the steel frame is hollow on the inside. Strong wind won’t bother the structure either; it can easily stand up to it. Over this frame fits the screen and roof. The roof is water repellant and made to keep any precipitation out of your party.

The Swiss gear screen house not only protects you from insects, but also from the elements. You can leave it up all year in your back yard if you would like to. So don’t spend this entire summer fighting of annoying bugs and wrapping up parties early because of rain. Instead spend it in the comfort of a screen house from Swiss gear.

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