Enjoying the Summer Without Bugs

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Most people enjoy spending a portion of their day outside once the weather warms up. Grilling and relaxing outside is one of the nicest things to do during the summer at night time. The only consistent thing that usually detracts from this type of evening is insects. Nights during the summer are amazing, but you will definitely be battling with insects for the entirety of your time outside. There are many different methods to keep the bugs away, but only one truly works.

Insect repellant spray is often a top choice by people trying to keep bugs away. It needs to be applied to all different parts of your body. However it usually isn’t very effective at keeping bugs away and it usually smells pretty bad. Torches with bug repellant in them is another method to try. This has shown to be an effective alternative in studies. It usually proves to be the worst option though.

The only real way to keep insects out of your summer evenings is with a screen house. A screen house can fit on your patio, deck, or in your yard and protect you from the pesky intruders. Swiss gear makes a great screen house that is ten feet by ten feet. Most people’s backyards can handle this size. It isn’t so large that there is no place to put it and is just the right size for everyone to enjoy.

The screen house structure is rather easy to set up. To set up the tent will only take a few minutes and it can be disassembled just as fast. The steel frame is hollowed out, making it really easy to transport around. The frame is also strong enough to stand up to some rather strong wind. Over this frame fits the screen and roof. The canopy repels water easily and will cover you from most wet weather.

The Swiss gear screen house not only protects you from insects, but also from the elements. It can be left up in your backyard all summer or brought to the park for a party. Don’t end parties early because of rain or bugs; cover your party up and let them last long into the night. Instead spend it in the comfort of a screen house from Swiss gear.

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