Especially Of Your Desperate Deceitfulness Of Man’s Heart, Of Presumptuous And Reigning Sins, And Of Hypocrisy And Formality In Religion

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“The accurate get the job done of grace separated from your counterfeit, with all the assurance thereof, will be the key subject of this book, and should be of our consistent thoughts and meditations; this can be handy, when all other things will vanish.” (From: For the Reader).

“Spiritual Refining (Volume two, 1654), A Treatise of Sin With its Leads to, Differences, Mitigations and Aggravations. Particularly with the desperate Deceitfulness of Man’s Heart, of Presumptuous and Reigning Sins, and of Hypocrisy and Formality in Religion. Also occasionally dealing with the Uprightness and Tenderness of a Gracious Heart; and therein discovering the nature of the misguided Conscience, as also of secret and unknown sins that the very best males are guilty of, with Instructions towards the godly under their fears about them. Showing withal, that a strict scrutiny into a man’s heart and strategies, that has a holy anxiety of sinning, doth consist using a Gospel-life of faith and joy during the Holy Ghost. All tending to Unmask counterfeit Christians; Terrify the Ungodly; Comfort and Direct the Doubting Saint; Humble Man; Exalt the Grace of God. In 42 Sermons.”

“These sermons have been prepared as aspect of that former treatise, styled, Spiritual Refining, but that book swelling in bulk, produced these draw back, still on account of their perpetual usefulness, so long as guys have hearts, and are topic to temptations, it was believedfit not to hide this light beneath a bushel.” (From: The Epistle to the Reader).

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“Spiritual Refining (Volume 1, 1652), A Treatise of Grace and Assurance. Wherein are handled: The Doctrine of Assurance; The use of Signs in Self-examination; How true Graces may well be distinguished from counterfeit; Quite a few real Indicators of Grace, and several false ones; The Nature of Grace beneath divers Scripture Notions or Titles, as Regeneration, The New-creature, the Heart of Flesh, Vocation, Sanctification, etc. A lot of chief Issues (occasionally) controverted in between the Orthodox along with the Arminians. As also many Cases of Conscience Tending to Comfort and verify Saints and Undeceive and convert Sinners. Becoming hyperfuse 2012 and Nike Zoom Rookie 120 Sermons.”

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