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everLoss - Diet Of The Decade - Lose Weight NowClick Image To Visit Site… and you still look at yourself in the mirror every day feeling like NOTHING is going to work for you….

The TRUTH is that you will NEVER LOSE WEIGHT if you continue to think that the results you are looking for are achieved with an instant fix or band-aid solution… the truth is the problem is right in front of you – or rather right INSIDE you – and you need to approach this from the bottom up (no pun).

Let me just say before we begin-you and I are going to be upfront, candid, and honest with each other without offense! My goal is to INSPIRE and EDUCATE you to take the HEALTHIEST plan of action possible to finally lose that weight for good! No matter what!! DEAL?!?

First we need to open your eyes to this industry. See why North America has an everclimbing obesity epidemic on their hands… convenience has it’s consequences even for dieters!

Losing your love handles does in fact require food-a lot of food! Wholesome, nutritious, glorious food! And what if I told you that you actually need fat?

You just need the right kind of fat to compliment your new food choices, and you need the right fatty acids-and we will show you which choices are best for you!

Experts emphasize that any diet which eliminates too many calories, is unwise from a nutritional standpoint, and does nothing to foster your new and realistic food choice options! Remember-you DO NOT NEED TO STARVE! Have you ever heard of the DIETING PLATEAU?

This term is used for the common misconception of being able to shed your pounds off for good with a LOW-CALORIE plan – however, once you lose the first few pounds, they STOP coming off, and start piling back on OR you simply ‘PLATEAU’ and you cannot lose anymore no matter how focused you are to staying on that diet.

This is probably the WORST thing that you can do to your body. When you suppress yourself to low calories day-to-day, you greatly delay your body’s fat burning engine, and sabotage your chances of fat-loss before you even really begin.

WHY? When you decrease your body’s carbohydrates by a large amount, your body is left with no energy, your mood and balance are off, and you therefore have less motivation to exercise.

I hope you like the word, ‘MONETIZING’, because… Read more…

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