Experiencing Boston: The North End

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Not only is Boston’s North End one of the city’s great tourist attractions, but it is also a favorite spot in the city for locals to visit. The North End is considered the “Italian” part of the city; unlike the “Italian” parts of many other cities, however, it is still truly Italian. Not only is the North End home to many old Italian families, but it is also home to many authentic, family-owned Italian restaurants!

When you make your visit to the North End, know that you should go ahead and leave your car behind. Firstly, the best way to truly experience the North End is to experience it on foot; secondly, you will certainly not want to deal with trying to park! The life of the North End begins at the start of Hanover Street, and you can take the “T” (Boston’s subway system) to the Haymarket stop, which is right next to the start of Hanover.

There are many delicious Italian restaurants along Hanover Street, but one of the best is Giacomo’s. You will be able to spot Giacomo’s because of the long line that snakes out from it every evening; but don’t question whether it is worth the wait! Every plate at Giacomo’s is unbelievably delicious, and the prices are incredible as well, as nearly every meal is between $15 and $20!

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You can head right up the street when you finish your meal at Giacomo’s, for some dessert at Mike’s Pastry. The name “Mike’s Pastry” might not sound as Italian as some of the other shops on the street, but the cannolis are legendary, and the line that pours into the store moves quickly enough.

Make sure you take some extra time to walk around the North End for a little while as well. From the small, family-run shops to the Old World feel to the Old North Church made famous by Paul Revere, your evening is sure to leave you with lasting memories. In fact, you might already feel like it is time to return to the North End from the moment you leave!

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