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Fat Loss GuruClick Image To Visit SiteIn the next few pages I will show you why you’ve been eating the wrong types of foods and killing yourself with the wrong type of exercises. If you change just a few of these aspects you’ll start to lose weight in record time… and keep it off forever! I will also give you the keys to boost your metabolism, and an idiot proof plan to get your body to lose weight automatically.

You can’t maintain long-term weight loss by starving yourself on a “low calorie diet”. In fact, limiting calories too much will actually damage your metabolism. Do you know people that say “But I hardly eat and I still can’t lose weight!” Its because they are killing their metabolism and it’s forcing their body to store fat. When you starve your-self what you do is shut down your metabolic rate. Your body goes into hibernation. You simply cannot starve yourself into long-term fat loss!

Think you can lose fat and keep it off with a low-carb diet? Good luck! A low-carb diet is a short-term fix at best – one that will eventually sap you of your energy … and leave you feeling miserable, run-down, and often severely depressed! You suffer from headaches, muscles aches and constipation. Worst of all, as soon as you eat anything that resembles a carb, you blow up like a balloon.

Fat burning pills are one of the biggest money making scams in the world today. You don’t need to waste your money on these bogus supplements. You don’t need anything but the right kind of special class of natural foods (which I explain below). The truth is, without a customized eating plan that is right for you, without the right foods, no supplements will have any effect on your body.

There are several heavily-advertised weight loss programs out there (advertising that you pay for!), like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig … and although many people do lose weight on these regimens, it’s usually a painfully L-O-N-G, S-L-O-W process. After all … if you got down to your desired bodyweight “too quickly”, there’d be no need for you to keep pumping money into their coffers … buying “special” meals and dietary supplements … and attending meetings. Once you leave their program … then where are you? Read more…

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