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Fat Loss Pros...Lose Fat and Maximize Weight Loss!Click Image To Visit Site"Every year, more than one million Americans have heart attacks. Forty percent die as a result." – www.Dukehealth.org

"Former 195 lb…Idaho Working Class Mother of Four Discovers Why Some People Seem to Always Lose Weight While Others Are Still Popping Pills"

If losing weight is important to you then this will be the most important letter you will ever read in your life.

I am your typical all American mom who has four kids, a loving husband, and let’s not forget the career as a personal trainer. <—Yes! I haul each one of my rug rats to the gym with me!

In my quest to give my Idaho Falls clients the best information out there for losing weight, I got to thinking.

Most of my clients hate spending hours in the gym and are "always" asking me for shortcuts to reach their goals quicker.

I then pulled every fitness magazine and book I could find to locate even more experts.

Whenever I heard a weight loss success story, I researched who that person modeled their program after.

Once I had a list of around 18 experts, I decided to contact them and ask for an interview. The absolute worst thing they could say would be "No, I am not talking to you". I could live with that. What I Found Out About These Weight Loss Experts Shocked Me

When I called each of these experts, to my disbelief, they all were eager to share their fat loss secrets with me. I found out they are some of the nicest people in the world as well as some of the most educated.

They all agreed to do an interview with me and allowed me to record the phone calls for my clients. I was on top of the world to say the least!!

Although I live in Idaho Falls, I figured that more people would LOVE to know these secrets so I decided to make them available to people all across the world. It isn’t everyday that you can pick up the phone and speak with the top experts in the world.

By Tracking Down The 18 Leading Fat Loss Experts In The World, Experts That Only The Super Rich Have Access To, Experts That YOU Have Never Even Heard of Until Now, You Can Now Tell The Diet Pill Industry Where to Go With Their Diet Pills!!! Read more…

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