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One of the best things about the Fatx Abs Total Trim System is the fact that you never again have to go through the traditional weeks or months of starvation.

The Fatx diet runs in short mini cycles that will keep your fat burning metabolism in high gear week after week. And your workout schedule can be kept to an absolute minimum, just 2-3 hours per week. You even decide your own pace; whether you want your fat loss to be steady, faster or extra fast!

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"At first it was a little hard to believe what they say on the website. But I gave it a chance and realized quickly that it is all about believing in yourself and sticking to the program. I set a goal and with the help of Fatx Abs I did it! I’m a satisfied user also in the future." – Tadija

"The last 8 weeks has been especially instructive. It has changed my view on exercise. With only short workouts, some cardio and a highly effective diet I have achieved incredible results in such a short period of time. I lost quite a bit of weight and gained more muscle mass. Even though I didn’t follow the diet 100% (nearly), after 4 weeks my body started to show visible improvements day by day. This diet has shown me that if you use the Mealplanner in the program you get incredibly fast results." – Bjarni

"By using Fatx Abs during the…