Fearless Foodie Cookbook

All of these "diets" left us hungry & unsatisfied, we were testing our will power to the limits only to be disappointed when we’d eventually cave back into old unhealthy eating patterns. … It was a frustrating time.

Desiree and Jessica Rumbaugh are a Mother and Daughter who are both passionate about Food and Fitness.

Desiree is 56 years young and has been Living Lean her whole life. She spent the first half of her life as a dancer and then transitioned to Yoga in the late 80’s after the birth of her two children.

Jessica just turned 30 and has been a personal trainer since the age of 18. She is also a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and helps clients all over the globe with fitness and nutrition programs, videos, and coaching.

Jessica is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. She has trained clients in both New York City and Southern California as well as authored several Ebook Workout Programs to help women get fit and lean. Find her programs at www.jessicarumbaugh.com

Desiree Rumbaugh is a world renowned Yoga teacher & travels the globe every weekend teaching Yoga all over the U.S. and the world, find her schedule at www.desireerumbaugh.com

When we made this cookbook we vowed to use only ingredients that are household staples and easy to find in your local health food stores. We didn’t order any exotic berries from the Amazon or use any hard to pronounce chemicals. The shopping list that goes with this book should be easy enough for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

There’s no way you’re going to stick to eating healthy if the food tastes dry, boring and dull. We knew going into this project that no matter how healthy the dish it HAD to be family and taste-buds approved or else it’s not worth it! Don’t waste your time with recipes that don’t taste good.

We all know that foods including flour, butter, sugar, and other fat-storing ingredients usually taste delicious. Sometimes they are even addictive! But fortunately the more you avoid them from the start, the easier time you’ll have eliminating your cravings for junk and training your taste buds to truly appreciate the natural flavors and textures of whole REAL food!

Instead of relying on carbohydrates for energy pick me up, you’ll be getting a steady stream of balanced nutrition to…