Finding The Best Camping Spots In Arkansas

Arkansas calls itself “The Natural State,” and if you have ever visited Arkansas before you understand that its beauty is definitely worth the trip. There are all sorts of different reasons why people visit Arkansas, but the camping the state offers is certainly one of the most common reasons. There are lots of options to choose from in Arkansas as far as camping goes, and you can’t go wrong with most of them! But this guide will help you narrow down your choices a bit if you are thinking about taking a camping trip to Arkansas.


Up in the northwest corner of the state rests the Ozark National Forest, the most well-known (and most popular!) state park in all of Arkansas. This place is tremendous for a day of travel, and as it stretches over 1.2 million acres, it is also great for trips of a week or even longer. You may even feel that you never want to leave this place; but make sure you mark the trail behind you, otherwise you may actually not be able to leave!

On the other side of the state, in the southeast corner of the state, is the modest Saint Francis National Forest, which covers about 22,600 acres. When you visit this area, you will find one of the smallest and most diverse forests in the country in an area of magnificent beauty. You may not be able to explore this area for ages, but you are sure to be thrilled with everything you find.

And if you are looking for something simpler and no less beautiful for the family, check out Petit Jean State Park. Located only about an hour and a half away from Little Rock, this state park is small, but it is beautiful as well, and it has a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere that is great for everyone.

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If you have been contemplating a camping excursion, make sure you keep Arkansas in mind as a possible destination for your escape. You will be so thrilled by the magnificent beauty and the wonderful spring and summer weather that you may not ever think about camping anywhere else again!