Firm, Fit, Healthy Body – 5 Biggest Mistakes Dieters Make


Unique meditation/hypnosis program designed for simple, effective, healthy, permanent weight loss.

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Firm, Fit, Healthy Body - 5 Biggest Mistakes Dieters MakeClick Image To Visit SiteAre you tired of Yo-Yo dieting? Do you spend weeks depriving yourself, hungry all the time, struggling to lose a few pounds, only to discover a short time later that you’ve regained the hard lost weight, and added a couple of extra pounds? Do you feel more frustrated and defeated every time you “fail” at your latest diet attempt? Or are you ready to give up dieting and just accept the way your body is? Read on – this may be the information you’ve been looking for!

Using willpower only – You decide to lose weight, and your Analyzer (your conscious mind, or the chatter in your head) takes control. Your analyzer is usually unrealistic – your analyzer thinks you should be able to lose 15 to 20 pounds every month until you reach your goal. All you have to do is go on a starvation diet, schedule an (unrealistic) exercise regimen and start counting calories. Now you’re hungry all the time, you’re eating food you don’t like, and you’re body hurts from the exercise. We’re all human, so how long before you fall off the healthy body wagon? How long before you’re tired and you go to bed without exercising; you have a piece of cake at the office birthday party, or you have that wonderful bowl of pasta at your favorite restaurant? The analyzer is a merciless task master, and you start beating yourself up for falling off the wagon. You make a commitment to try even harder, and you start the cycle over. After a couple of times through this cycle, you say “Forget it, I just can’t lose weight” and give up.

Maintaining negative self-talk – go look at yourself in a mirror, and notice what you ‘hear’ in your mind. Does it sound something like “I’m fat, I’m ugly, I hate my hair, look how puffy my face is…”? Or do you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror unless you have to comb your hair, shave or put on makeup? How many times a day do you tell yourself you’re fat? Saying “I’m fat” multiple times per day (or hour) is actually programming your subconscious to keep you fat! Would you like to change that, and have your subconscious help you achieve a firm, fit, healthy body?

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