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Over the years there have been many technologies that have become outdated. Many of them are very comical for people when looking back on them. Eight track players are a great example since they had a short life and were quickly no longer used. Yet many old technologies have also stood the test of time. The radio has thrived instead of fading into the realm of useless technology. In every car made today a radio is installed even though they have been rid of tape players, eight tracks, and cd players over the years.

The radio is one of the only ways for people to still get free music. Napster and other previously free music download sites have either been completely shut down or instituted membership fees. The free music has never stopped coming from the radio though. The radio can generally be enjoyed anywhere even though listening to it in the radio is the most common place. Many people today still own portable radios because of this fact.

A high quality portable radio from Sangean is available. While still keeping the old radio feel, they have modernized the radio in order to include many new pieces of technology popular today. Instead of powering it with traditional batteries that needed to be replaced when they lost a charge, this radio is rechargeable. It is perfect for camping since it is much lighter to carry around than its older portable counterparts. For those using it at home the gradual wake up system makes the alarm clock experience much more enjoyable.

This device allows you to choose any radio station that you want to listen to and set it in the memory. The memory can hold up to ten different stations in its programming. Make sure you have a portable radio to listen to next time you want to listen to music for free. After it is bought you will have free music for the foreseeable future.

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