Get Juicy 10 Day Cleanse Detox Program – Juice, Detox, Lose Weight

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Get Juicy 10 Day Cleanse Detox Program - Juice, Detox, Lose WeightClick Image To Visit SiteThe 10-Day Get Juicy: Detox Program contains 10 days worth of delicious juice and smoothie recipes, complete with easy to follow instructions and shopping lists. Below is a preview of what to expect:

Find out how to lose weight and put on muscle with Philip’s Sunwarrior Smoothie Recipe book, complete with smoothies and soups to get you started.

Your second bonus eBook gives you an incredibly effective two week jump start program to get your body into shape internally and externally.

You will receive all the information, education and guidance you need to dive straight into the program and set yourself up for a lifetime of healthy habits and greater energy.

The Get Juicy 10 Day Detox Juice Cleanse is the ultimate cellular cleansing program, to give you powerful, tangible results, healing and transformation in your body, health and energy, plus mind, emotion and spirit. It was designed to give you the opportunity to cleanse your body in the most pleasurable and effective way possible at the level that is best for you physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. This program starts Feb 27th, but you can use the materials and juice again and again anytime!

You will enjoy delicious and abundant fresh vegetable and fruit juices or fresh juices plus raw smoothies and soups to allow your body to cleanse very deeply at a cellular level (BIG HINT: this is where it really matters and where most “cleanses” get it wrong!). This truly is a cleanse of abundance, a feast of incredible liquids that will nourish and satisfy you. You will not go hungry!

Freshly pressed vegetable juice is arguably the most alkaline, hydrating substance you can possibly consume. The alkalinity of the juices, in the most easily digestive form of liquid juice, acts as soap to your cells and tissues, scrubbing and lifting the acidic waste matter stored there so it can be readied for removal from your body.

By drinking vegetable juices, particularly the green ones, where the fibre has been removed, the chlorophyll, nutrients and enzymes hit your body within 15 minutes and can get to work making you feel and look fantastic! Plus, you are getting more vegetables into your body from one big juice than you could possibly eat in a whole day.

No! While Get Juicy offers you the chance to go deeply into cleansing and the focus is on easily digested, alkalizing, nutrition-packed juices, soups… Read more…

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